Adios LA


I’m leaving LA.  And back in December, Jon Jackson found a really classy way to say goodbye to LA when he left for NYC.  He did it with five 10 x 23 foot billboards.  Now everyone who knows me really well has heard me rant about my dislike for the city of Angels.  But I have to admit that after residing here for exactly three years, the place has somehow found a soft place in my heart.  As much as I bitch about how I hate the LA traffic (trust me, it’s bad) and the smog that Angelinos call “haze,”  I’ve found that I’ve grown more fond of this place especially the last 5 months.  This probably can be mostly attributed to the fact that I have found myself with more pockets of free time to explore while stressing out about my living situation since graduating from school.

Some general thoughts about LA:

1. Carmeggedon wasn’t that scary. I drove on the 405, LAX and Santa Monica, and then back to Pasadena. If everyday traffic was anything like the traffic on the freeway during Carmeggedon, I would find one less thing to bitch about.  I’ve gotten so used to the traffic by downtown on the 110, 10, 405, 101 and 5 that I don’t think about it anymore.

2. If everyone driving to work would ride a bike or consider public transportation or carpool, the freeways would be less congested and there would probably be less “haze.”  But this is moot, since the automobile industry obviously has gotten much of SoCal brainwashed that everyone should own a car and drive to work in their car.  Next time you’re driving in LA, look at the single passenger cars driving around you.  Yeah, that’s right, never noticed that huh?

3. LA’s got the cheapest public transportation I’ve taken …. I took the Angel’s Flight funicular for 25 cents one way in Downtown LA on 3rd St. It was probably more like a novelty amusement ride than real public transportation.  But I also heard that taking the Metro only costs $1.50.



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