DIY Lego Table

A very random conversation came up with my friend K recently.  He asked me if I knew how to build a Lego Table.  I quickly offered my help and proceeded to load the Pinterest App on his iPhone to check out the pictures of DIY Lego Tables made from Ikea hacks I saw earlier.  I ultimately recommended that he get museum putty to adhere the building plates to the coffee table because they are removable and he can use the coffee table for it’s intended purpose or change up the building plates.

Here’s what you need:

LACK Coffee Table, Length: 30 3/4 “, Width: 30 3/4 “, Height: 17 3/4 “ (or anything from the LACK series, but preferably something square in size)

9 LEGO building plates (each baseboard is 10″ x 10″, they come in several colors, choose wisely)

Quake Hold, Museum Putty

Assemble the LACK Coffee Table according to directions.

Place all 9 LEGO building plates on the table for layout.

Cut 36 small pieces of Quake Hold putty and roll them into round balls.  Apply them to the four corners of the back of each building plates.

Press each building plates putty face down. Make sure all 9 plates are evenly surface by pressing evenly on each plate.

Potential Storage Idea:

We found that 4 SAMLA Boxes with Lids  just happen to fit on the shelf for the LACK Coffee Table for future LEGO storage.

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