All items are shipped in one of the following methods with an invoice packing slip (unless otherwise indicated not to include invoice by buyer):

1) All jewelry items packed in white cotton-filled box in a padded bubble mailer envelope

2) All clothing items (T-Shirts, Scarves, Small Monkee Items) and tote bags are packed in a Tyvek mailer envelope that is moisture and rip resistant.

3) Multiple orders will be packed in a box, Tyvek mailer envelope, bubble mailer envelope or USPS supplied flat rate mailing envelope/box.

Ship to everywhere in US:

  • Primary Shipping Option: USPS 1st class with delivery confirmation to keep costs as low as possible.  You will be provided a USPS tracking number via email when the order is shipped out.
  • Multiple item orders may deem Priority Mail Flat Rate Box be a lower shipping cost alternative to USPS 1st class.
  • General observation for continental US shipping is there is approximately a ONE (1) day difference between USPS 1st Class and USPS Priority Mail options.
  • Expedited Shipping Option: Priority Mail or Express Mail is used if order needs to be expedited.  Please email me if your order needs to be expedited.  Additional shipping costs will apply.
    • Not guaranteed by USPS or Monkeeboo Creations, usually Priority Mail expected delivery is one day earlier than the USPS 1st Class shipping option.  Please plan accordingly for when order expected delivery.
    • Priority Mail or Express Mail rates will be charged according to weight of order.

Ship to International:

Only Jewelry is shipping to international.  Please email me about shipping Tote Bags, T-shirts, Zippered Pouches so I can calculate your postage for shipping costs.

I ship USPS 1st class International with certificate of mailing to prove I mailed package to keep costs as low as possible.

Other circumstances to shipping international may deem Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope or Flat-Rate Boxes more economical depending on size and weight of order. This will be one flat-rate, details are found here on prices based on your location.  Additional shipping costs will apply.

Please email me if your order needs to be expedited.  Additional shipping costs will apply.

Items leave within 3 days of receipt of payment. I send the buyer a confirmation email when item ships.

If you require expedited shipping (Priority Mail, Express Mail) or international shipping, please send me a note and we can work out the details.

Please note that I am not responsible for lost or stolen items.
If you would like to purchase insurance, please let me know before purchasing.


Sending a gift to a friend? Make sure to let me know to exclude the invoice.  Let me know if you need a gift card and special message included.


All sales are final.


Custom orders welcomed.
Special requests are welcomed, if favorable design is requested, I will make limited edition runs for silk screen tote bags and t-shirts.


Each Monkeeboo Baby Sling Carrier  is intended for use with healthy infants and toddlers and to be worn by able-bodied adults. It should not be worn by animals, children, unsupervised teenagers or infirm adults especially anyone with a history of back trouble or vertigo. With correct use, your sling should feel secure and comfortable and cause no strain to the neck, back or shoulders. If wearing your sling causes your discomfort or pain, it is likely due to improper adjustment. Please discontinue use until you have sought troubleshooting advice from me or another expert baby wearer.

Always inspect your sling carefully before use. Please note that all fabrics do break down over time with regular use, but with careful cold in the gentle cycle and air-drying, your Monkeeboo Baby Sling Carrier should offer you many years of enjoyment.

We recommend that you keep one hand on your baby at all times while wearing. This is especially important when wearing a toddler, as they are wiggly and apt to shift their weight abruptly. As you become more accustomed to using your sling, you may find that it is possible to use it hands free, but even the most experience baby wearers would be wise to use one hand to protect their baby’s head especially when bending over, turning swiftly or reaching.

Do not use your Monkeeboo Creations Baby Sling Carrier while engaged in dangerous or high-speed activities. This includes, but is not limited to, cooking, running, using knives or power equipment, water-skiing, biking, boating, tending a camp fire, driving a car or motorcycle or fleeing the law. Your sling is not a safety device and should not be used to secure your child to car seat, chair, highchair, swing, shopping cart, etc. Do not attempt to use your sling as a hammock or slingshot.

To sum up, we would like to remind you to always use good judgment when using your sling and to put your baby’s safety first. While great care goes into the design and creation of each baby sling, Monkeeboo Creations Baby Sling Carrier claims no responsibility in the case of any injuries resulting from sling usage. By purchasing this sling you are agreeing to the above Disclaimer.


Still got questions? Contact us via email at monkeeboo@gmail.com