Macaron and Leia Dress

It must be a lucky year because I know of at least three couples getting married this year.  Being invited to weddings means I have to  find a dress to wear.  Finding a dress to wear means time to go through my pattern collection to see what the next sewing project is going to be.

I’ve been perusing online pattern shops and love these two sweet dresses: Macaron and Leia.  They are both very similar in style and the contrast fabrics and the fake strapless look is so cute.  I could never wear a strapless or pull off a strapless dress, so this is the next best thing.

Image via Colette PatternsImage from Tamanegikobo


Source: Images (R) of Macaron Dress from Collette Patterns and (L) of Leia Dress from Tamanegi Kobo.

Here’s Yoshimi’s version of Leia and Very Purple Person’s dotty Leia.

Here’s Sew Convert’s version of the picnic Macaron.

These three ladies have mad sewing skills and look terrific in their creations!


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