Ona Designs: The Roma, DSLR Camera Insert & Bag Organizer

I love my DSLR and I like it even more since Christmas because I upgraded to one with a wider LCD screen.  But I really don’t like carrying my purse and my camera bag, it feels so bulky.  Ona has this new and cute DSLR camera insert/bag organizer that’s been quite popular (it’s even backordered now).  I am thinking about adding pockets to an insert that’s the perfect size and dropping it into a handbag/satchel that’s got structure to carry around all the time.

As for now, I carry my small compact Canon camera the size of playing cards because I finally gave in last September before I went to Hawaii.  Who wants to lug around a camera bag and get sand on the lens at the beach?  I must say that there were a lot of missed scenery that a DSLR could have made much better with lasting memories.

I found a lovely tutorial from Lil Blue Boo on making your own Camera Bag Insert.

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