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San Diego House Guest Diary – Day 3

Today is hug your cat day. No one has hugged Eggpuff yet so Eggpuff must go out to find his own amour to hug. Scratch the hug. How about a smooch? Let me show you, this is how kitties french smooch. Today is the first day Eggpuff is here without his cat father and the [...]

Adios LA

  I’m leaving LA.  And back in December, Jon Jackson found a really classy way to say goodbye to LA when he left for NYC.  He did it with five 10 x 23 foot billboards.  Now everyone who knows me really well has heard me rant about my dislike for the city of Angels.  But [...]

Monkey Print

I was in Old Town Pasadena yesterday afternoon and walked into an Art+Design Open Market where I saw and purchased this print from Joey Chou. Can’t wait til I get this framed!

Cabazon Outlet Mall

I finally made it to the Cabazon outlet mall that I’ve heard so much about. And I scored the D&B satchel bag that does double duty as crossbody bag in the color I want with 40% off retail price.  Loving it so far. Had a terrific time with Niki shopping there.  I am planning to [...]

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo

Loving this Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo and the new style with the patch pockets and the ID tag for bus fare or subway fare. The one on the left, I watched Rose Byrne carry it in Season 2 of Damages and it looks really nice. The one on the right is Fall Season’s new [...]

Bag Obsession

Have been looking for the perfect classy, lady-like handbag so not to feel like a kid anymore and also to treat myself.  Was so close to purchasing the D&B handbag that I thought was terrific until it was not available.   Bag Obsession by monkeeboo